Monday, March 30, 2009

Simple Foods for Busy Families

My friend Tracee just published this wonderful book full of simple healthy meals and advice.  Tracee is a registered dietician, a holistic health counselor and a very busy Mom.  As you can see from the reviews, her book it a hit with other busy Moms looking to feed their family in a nutritious and easy to prepare way.  She is making a local appearance in Bergen County, NJ on Thursday, at Books & Greetings in Norwood.  She can also work with you as a consultant to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Luxe Earth

luxe [looks, luhks; Fr. lyks]
luxurious; deluxe: luxe accommodations.

earth [urth]
the inhabitants of this planet, esp. the human inhabitants: The whole earth rejoiced.
this planet as the habitation of humans.

I have thought for a long time about starting a blog.  I have decided to take the leap.  To put my thoughts, ideas, finds and my art on display is a bit scary, but very exciting at the same time.  I have thought a lot about what I want to talk about.  My art and business, yes.  My family, yes, a little.  My inspirations, yes.  So how to put all of this out there in a cohesive way?  I thought about all the blogs I currently read on a regular basis.  At last count there were over 100 blogs in my blog reader.  I think they all display little pieces of what I would like to pull together.  Art, design, decor, home, garden. family, business, craft, handmade, great finds, great products, but what I want to do a little bit differently is to display them all with the environment in mind.  I want to show you a Luxe Earth.  Fabulous ways to save the planet.  We can all do our part, but I know we can do it with great design.

Here is a little taste to start.  New invitations by me.  Robin Beth
Printed manually on 100% cotton tree free card stocks.

Hopefully, I will continue to improve my blogging skills as I am signed up to take a blogging workshop with the very talented Holly of Decor8.

You can also see some of my blogging skills at work here, Stationery Guides.

Please be patient with me if I start off slow and only post here once and a while. I promise some interesting stuff.