Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Green Demolitions - A win-win for all

I believe my husband discovered Green Demolitions at a "Green Fair" we visited at a local school.  
It is such an amazing concept that really does good all around.  If homeowners are undergoing renovations and "getting rid" of things in their household like kitchens, bathrooms, etc they can call Green Demolitions.  Green Demolitions will send out licensed contractors who will photograph everything.  They put the products up for sale on their website and in their three stores and then someone can purchase and reuse the products.  I am not talking about garage sale items, I am talking about $60,000 kitchens including high end appliances and granite that are only a few years old that resell for half that amount.  They then remove the products from the house and take them to one of their three retail locations in Norwalk, Ct, Bethel, NY or Honesdale, PA.  to await a buyer.  Many of their really high end kitchens are pre-sold before the are even removed from the donors house.  While we have put our renovation plans on hold for the short term, I check the website regularly to drool over and imagine how we could use some of the kitchens and bathrooms offered there.  Check this one out, hard to believe!  And they will ship to anywhere in the US!

Not only that, but Green Demolitions is a non-profit organization with proceeds going to Recovery Unlimited which supports All Addicts Anonymous, a 12-step program for all addicts. So by taking donations of home products they are reducing what goes into our landfills, giving a tax deductions to the donors, raising money for worthy causes and providing customers with needed reused products at a fraction of the retail cost.  Wow, I love this company.

{images via Green Demolitions}

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  1. Robin,

    Nice blog. Here's a win-win business idea for designers (or d-i-y's) who would like to bring in some extra income . . . bring your clients or friends to a Green Demolitions store to find their kitchen. The thousands they save on the kitchen, allows for the budget to have a designer/consultant/contractor to make the project happen from start to finish.

    You see Green Demolitions does not design, install, or re-furbish. We just gather and sell "as is," creating a potential cottage industry for those who can create their own market.

    Hope you can visit a store soon!

    Keep it Green,

    Steve Feldman,
    President and Founder
    Green Demolitions