Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Orleans holds a special place in my heart. My husband and I met in college there at Tulane University. It is such an incredible city that gave us such a unique college experience. Some of the treasures I have from New Orleans include these prints which hang on our living room walls. The are from the New Orleans JazzFest which happens late April/early May. All are created by local Louisana artists and true to the city, are bold and fabulous.

This is the first poster we got from 1989, the year we graduated from Tulane. The artist is renown New Orleans artist Richard Thomas.

This one is from 1997, we didn''t attend that JazzFest, but I am pretty sure my good friend and college roomate, Dannal sent it to us. She lives in New Orleans and has a fabulous store there which I plan on profiling later in this blog. The artist is Francis Pavy.

This last one is from 2004 and I am pretty sure by then I was able to order it online. By artist Paul Rogers.

I always imagine these posters on the wall of a sophisticated 30s/40s lounge like living room, but since my living room right now is the den/playroom for my three boys, that will have to wait. If you have any interest, 2009 Jazz Fest posters and vintage posters are available for purchase here.

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