Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picky, picky, picky

I am starting to learn to trust my instincts more when it comes to creating my work.  We will see if those instincts are anywhere close to correct.  I have a new line coming out called "Charming Prints", they are personalized letterpress art prints for babies and kids.  I have been working with Leo a very talented illustrator from Little Lion Studios to create four different letterpress art prints that can be personalized by the customers with babies/kids names and dates.  All the background artwork will be printed in advance and the customer will get to choose the typeface and ink color of the personalized names.  I had printed three out of four of the art pieces.  Here they are.

I was really struggling with the color combinations for the fourth piece.  Of the first three, two were more girly and one was boyish.  So should I make the fourth print boyish or use colors that could work for either?  The first time I printed it up I opted for the latter.

For weeks I stared at that and it bugged me.  It just didn't feel right.  It kept me up at night.  I felt like it didn't really pop.  I felt like it didn't quite work for either a girl or a boy as I tried to make it too gender neutral.  So I inked up the press again and here is what I did.  Do you think it works now?

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  1. Love your new line "Charming Prints"!! Really cute designs! I love the final how the colors pop more. Have a lovely merry happy easter weekend! Love to you!