Sunday, May 31, 2009

Letterpress Heaven

I got this incredible package in the mail on Friday.  I had been waiting for it for so long.  Thank you so much to Kelly from Paperstories for organizing the most amazing Letterpress Swap.  A total of 39 prints arrived from 39 different printers.  All incredible pieces of hand made goodness.  Over the next few posts, I will show them all.  
Here is mine first.  It was on top of the pile, I think because
I put "2009 Letterpress Swap" in the print.

I have gone through the photos several times to try and sort and post them in a way that makes sense.  I have been trying for some themes and here are a few that I have noticed.  

Some incredible prints in all or mostly all black.

Bound Staff Press

Mire Ink
Here are some that are embellished in some way, stitching, die cut with pop out chickens, accessorized with miniature scapels, etc.

Some wonderful classic broadsides.

Kissing Bug Press

Stay tuned, more to come later!

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