Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank you and 1st Dibs Friday Fun - White Light

Well it has been a whirlwind week. I didn't know what to expect going into the National Stationery Show given the economy, but I was determined to show our retailers that we are committed, expand our presence and expand our product line. I think we more than accomplished all of those goals. I would really like to thank all the new and current retailers that stopped by the booth to chat and take a look at our products. It was so nice to meet so many new people and catch up with those we already knew. We promise that after a couple of days off, we will be following up with everyone.

I want to get back to our regular posts, so I thought I would do our usual 1st Dibs Friday Fun today. It was so much fun to design the booth this year. You can see it right here. We had a bigger and better location and knew that it really had to stand out. I think by the number of compliments we got on the booth, we were able to do that. And as not to be too wasteful, we took everything back, including the walls and are hoping to use it again next year. One of the most important aspect of a trade show booth is lighting. It is amazing what a difference that can make in how your product shows off. We were fortunate to get some track lighting a couple of years ago that has really worked well for us and we have been using it ever since. We added some decorative lighting this year with a paper lantern from Ikea which helped to set the style of the booth. But I couldn't help thinking, what would we have done if we could have used some vintage lighting from 1st Dibs? So here are some of my top choices of lighting we could have used if this had been a real room and not a trade show booth that was taken down after four days.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and we will be back next week, hopefully all refreshed and ready to go!

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