Friday, July 10, 2009

1St Dibs Friday Fun - Vintage Fashion

1st Dibs just launched a Haute Couture, Designer Fashion & Vintage Accessories section on their website. This is so exciting. What better way to recycle than with exquisite vintage designer fashion!

Have I told you about my "Antiques Roadshow" moment? About six yeas ago, when I was seven months pregnant I stopped by an estate sale in this very old house in town. I really just wanted to see the inside of the almost 200 year old dutch colonial, but they did have some interesting things for sale. Upstairs on the bed was this vintage dress, pale cream silk satin with a neckline full of tiny seed beads. Several of them fell off every time you move the dress. For $35 I couldn't leave it there, even thought I had no way to try it on, being seven months pregnant, and had no idea what size it was. It sat in a plastic bag in my closet for several years. Last year I took it with my when I went to a vintage textile show in NY looking for fabric for some of my invitation designs. In a large booth out in the lobby was Karen Augusta, the textile appraiser for Antiques Roadshow. So I asked her about the dress and she said it was from the 1930's and that without any repairs or cleaning, just steaming out the wrinkles, she would expect it to get $1200- $1500 at auction. I promptly put it back in the bag and took it home. I still to this day haven't figured out what to do with it. Any suggestions?

On to 1st Dibs. Take a look at some of the amazing pieces they have in the Vintage Couture section.

{images via 1st Dibs}

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