Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Has a wonderful afternoon in the city yesterday with the hubby.  We went to the holiday shops at Bryant Park.  What fun.  I stepped into the lovely shop of Sandra Baquero and picked up a fabulous wrap.

Next we went to see Ragtime.  Loved it!  It is a true Broadway musical.  And what I loved even more?  The great poster they have for the show.

It was a cold, but fun day in the city.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

Here it is, I know that many of you many not have received your cards yet, but I couldn't wait any longer.

I did a reverse print where I printed the background blue and left the type and design as white unprinted card stock.  It makes the type feel like it is raised instead of impressed into the paper.  I love the way it came out, but it wasn't easy to print on my simple manual Vandercook press.  It went through a lot of ink, I was adding more ink every ten prints or so.  And the was a much larger variation in the overall shade from the point where there is new ink on the press to the point where I needed more ink.  So some of the prints came out a much darker blue and some very light.  But the ink coverage on almost every single print was very even and looked good.

I knew from the first time I saw that photo in my camera that it was going to be used on my holiday cards.  Every time I look at it, it brings me back to our vacation in BC.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

In other news...

My petit-notebooks are featured as a daily favorite today on Papernstitch!

And yesterday, my Through the Years, holiday card post from Tuesday was featured on the LCI Paper blog.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Check out my new Etsy shop featured in this month's exhibit on Papernstitch!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Through the Years

Since I just put the 2009 holiday cards in the mail yesterday. I thought I would give you a trip down memory lane, at least it is for me. Here are 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Going back to when I first started to letterpress print my own cards.

In 2005 I went all out, decorative paper, ribbon, multiple layers. The toughest part of the holiday card is getting three boys to take one good picture. So here I gave up completely and opted for one photo of each of them.

Here I went for a different look. It was the first time I printed stardream metallic card stock. It has a fun modern look. I also created a montage of photos and had them printed on a 4x6. This was the second year in a row that I couldn't get a decent photo of all three of them together.

Finally, a photo of the three monsters. Plus, more decorative papers and layers of card stock.

And then there is last year.  Look at that, a picture of all five of us.  It helps that we had eldest's Bar Mitzvah in November and therefore a professional photographer taking shots of us.  Add to that two color printing, stardream layer duplexed onto the back and die cut into a circle.

 Later in the week I will give you a preview of 2009, at least once I know that most people have received the ones I mailed.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lonny Magazine

I know everyone has talked about this already, but I love the new Lonny Magazine. Issue #2 just came out. It is an e-zine and while it takes getting used to not having pages to tear out and save for inspiration, there is a lot of inspiration in the online pages. Shopping, design, fashion, it is very well done and beautifully designed. And I love that you can click on the advertiser's ad or photo and link directly to their website.

{images via Lonny Mag}

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Additions

I have just added the Charming Prints to my new Etsy shop.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Secret Obsession

I am embarrassed to admit it, but here it is.

OK, I first discovered it at a B&B we stayed at up in the Birkshires a couple of years ago. It is a nice, sweet, relaxing drink to have in the evening. Here is the interesting facts about it on Wikipedia. "Bristol Cream is a brand of Spanish Sherry, which has been imported into and bottled in Bristol, England since 1796 by John Harvey & Sons of Bristol. Contrary to popular belief, the term "Cream Sherry" does not reflect the use of any dairy ingredients in the recipe. The popular story is that in the 1860s, a visitor to the Harveys' cellars was given a taste of a new blend of sherry. When compared to Bristol Milk, she said, "If that be Milk, then this is Cream." The enterprising Harveys named the new blend "Cream Sherry" accordingly. Bristol cream is a common ingredient in lobster bisque."

And in 2008 the packaging redesign won a Silver Pentaward, according to The Dieline.

So last weekend we took the kids to The Chocolate World Expo, because besides Hebrew school, indoor soccer, basketball and Tae Kwon Do, we really didn't have anything to do on Sunday afternoon. We found some really great locally made sources including, Hunt Country Vineyards from The Finger Lakes region of New York. And I managed to pick up a bottle of their Cream Sherry.
It has a little lighter taste and it is locally made, always a plus. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tom's Shoes

I am sure that you all have heard of Tom's Shoes by now, but I just had to mention them. It is amazing what an impact one person can have. Here is their story directly from their website.


TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about.


In 2006 an American traveler, Blake Mycoskie, befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Blake returned to Argentina with a group of family, friends and staff later that year with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by caring TOMS customers.

Since our beginning, TOMS has given over 150,000* pairs of shoes to children in need through the One for One model. Because of your support, TOMS plans to give over 300,000 pairs of shoes to children in need around the world in 2009.

And their shoes are cute and fun. I am thinking I might like me a pair of these. They would almost make me want to go out without a pair of heels.

And they even have Tiny Tom's.

All images via Tom's Shoes

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Etsy Shop

I have taken the plunge into Etsy. Check it out here, Robin Beth. I will be adding plenty of more products shortly.