Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One of my favorite things... Soviet Map

I thought I would start an occasional series of my favorite things.  I am starting with our Soviet map.  During the winter break our senior year in college, Dave, along with several of our friends went on a school trip to the Soviet Union.  This was 1988/1989, mere months before the break up of the Soviet Union.  One of the great souvenirs he picked up was this Soviet map.  It was obsolete in probably a year and to us, it is a reminder of growing up during the "cold war".  I still remember having safety drills in elementary school where we had to hide under our desks.  Like that was going to protect us from a Soviet nuclear missile.  But I think I love the map now because you can't buy another one like it unless perhaps you were in a Russian antiquities shop in Moscow.

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