Friday, January 22, 2010

Papier Plume

Last February, just before Mardi Gras, we took a little trip back to New Orleans.  It was our first post-Katrina trip.  It was a big eye opener in that it had been four and a half years since Katrina and the devastation could still be seen in so many places.

One big bright spot was a cozy store on Royal Street, Papier Plume.  We must have spent close to an hour there looking through all the incredible pieces they had.  I got my first set of wax seals.  I spent some time talking to the owners, Robin Owens and his lovely wife.  I showed them my stationery.  I have kept in touch, sending them product updates over the past year.  So I was beyond thrilled when I received an order from them a few weeks ago.  I feel quite honored that they thought my stationery high enough quality to sit amongst all the other incredible things they sell. 

So look for sets of Robin Beth Designs letterpress note cards at Papier Plume if you happen to be strolling down Royal street this Mardi Gras!

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